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KITTEE Token Swap With SunSwap

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KITTEE Token Swap With SunSwap


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The wallet best suited for this is TronLink, you can download it to your mobile device from an app store and use the internal browser on the wallet to go to SunSwap. You can also install the TronLink wallet Browser extension on Chrome or Brave, not safari. We have not tried others we stick with Chrome or Brave.

To use SunSwap you must be on V2, it is on the top right on the page, below is the image of the selection.

kittee sunswap select v2 sunswap
KITTEE SunSwap select v2 SunSwap

How to Add the token to SunSwap List so you can Swap

Select a Token

All you are doing here is choosing a Token to swap with

kittee select a token v2
KITTEE select a Token v2

Click Switch

A very simple action, just click Switch.

kittee slick switch v2
KITTEE select Switch v2

Insert URL and Click Add a List

This will add KITTEE to whichever list is grayed out. It doesn’t make a difference.

kittee add a list v2
KITTEE add a list v2

Token list URL: Token URL:

KITTEE Will be on the List, select it

Just click on the KITTEE and it will show on the next screen. If you click remove by mistake you can redo the previous step and it will add it back.

KITTEE select token v2
KITEE select token v2

You can Now Swap KITTEE

To trade just enter in an amount of KITTEE you want and Select whichever coin you have from the section.

you can now swap with kittee
You can now swap with KITTEE

You can choose other Coins to Swap with KITTEE like USDT, BTC, ETH, etc.

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